Doggie Playgroups

Do you have a dog with tons of energy? Or a dog that just needs more exercise and socialization during the day? Then we have a playdate they are going to love that will get him outside of the house and in the fresh air playing with other doggies!

Doggie play groups give your dog an opportunity to play with other dogs and expend excessive energy while minimizing bad behavior.


  • We pick up your dogs!
  • Transport them to our private property on 2.5 acres of land in beautiful Manchester by the Sea where they get to play with other dogs and humans in different activities, run and socialize!
  • Then bring them home tired and pooped out!

Our playgroup supervisors will get to know your dog’s play style and personality to ensure your dog plays safely, and gets the right amount of exercise every visit.


Monday – Friday: We offer Morning and Afternoon playgroups available between 8am and 3pm
Single Playgroup base rate (2 hours): $25
Double Playgroup (4 hour): Add $10 to base rate
Triple Playgroup (6 hours): Add $20 to base rate (triple playgroup only available with 8-9am pick up)
Additional Dog in the Same Family: Add $10 per dog per session
Saturday & Sunday: We offer a special 4 hour playgroup session for $35.00 from 10am to 2pm.

  • Same day additions: Add $6. This is meant as a deterrent, as having to change our routes is disruptive to planning our routes optimally.
  • Changes must be in by 3pm the day prior or a $5 fee will be charged. We strongly urge you to have your dog on a recurring schedule, or provide us with the schedule for the week no later than 3pm on Sunday’s.
  • If we show up and are turned away at the door due to non-cancellation, we will charge the entire amount for dog’s scheduled session.
  • Please cancel no later than 7am the morning of to avoid a $10 cancellation fee, weather related cancellations are exempt.

Sign up for once a week or five days a week, it’s up to you! We also offer back to back play-groups!

Door to Door Transportation Included. Customers on a regular weekly schedule are placed on monthly billing for convenience. It is not necessary for you to be home at the time of pick up or drop off.


*We take the safety of our dogs very seriously and can only allow friendly dogs to participate in our play groups*

Your first play date is FREE and we have a referral program.